Four-dimensional work:

The wall lettering features messages sent by random people at any moment online. Collected thoughts are separated from their context and accompany people in their environment as their own constant thinking does. Our thinking depends very much on our way to write and vice versa. That is also why you preferable think in your mother tongue rather than in an foreign language. The meaning of some words even seem impossible to be translated adequately - there might be a common synonym but the connotation connected to a word may differ still. Translation or retelling is a generation of text and speech where this phenomena happen very obviously. If you translate a sentence from English to German and translate the result back into English, then you’d get a very different sentence. This effect is even more obvious when automated translation services are used. These aspects depict how language works and what it implies. To explore this ‘behavior’ of language you can leave out the step of translation and simulate what basically happens: A word can have various meanings, it can be a metaphor for something totally different and its meaning can very much depend on the context - but it simply gets replaced by any random, available synonym. Each thought gets replaced by a synonym text before the next message appears - visually there is no distinction though.

The video poster on the other hand deals with the aspects medium and tool. As second layer of a plotted poster the projected realtime animation shows the process and generation of the graphic and reveals stages prior and after the actual plotted version. The installation shows in a very simple manner very different aesthetics and characteristics of one and the same work within different media. What makes print interesting in combination with computed design are the different qualities. The lines on the paper are detailed and crisp whereas the projected lines have very low resolution and appear more like areas of points of light.